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Who Are We?

The Shaw Munster Group has a combined trading history of over 150 years.  We are a small, family-controlled group that specialise in the design and manufacture of fine high quality giftware. A rare breed, we are proud British Manufacturers, Designers, Engineers and Craftspeople.  Using a blend of traditional manufacturing skills and state-of-the-art-technology we produce the finest giftware.

Our Products

  • Enamel Badges

  • Key Rings

  • Leather Key Fobs

  • Blazer Buttons

  • Cufflinks

  • Security/Identification Accoutrements

  • Medals

  • Awards

  • Regalia

  • Promotional/Business Gifts

Shaw Munster Products

Who We Work With

As a Group we are very proud to work with a wide range of clients across many different industry sectors.